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What is Creating Communicators?

Creating Communicators is a speech and language consultation business. We provide services on-site but also have one on one therapy available in Slave Lake! All Assessments and therapy are performed and supervised by Registered Speech Language Pathologists.

We provide consultation between Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Schools.

How we provide services:

 Initially, the consultant speaks with staff and principal to identify and assess the needs of your school that work within YOUR budget.

Then we arrive at a school and we screen all children in kindergarten and grade 1 and any children who parents or teachers identify as having possible delays in speech and/or language. Next the SLP will  assess all the students who require them.  Soon after, the consultant will provide your staff (and students parents) with  treatment plans and reports. And then our consultant provides your staff with training and resources on how to work on those tratment plans.


How can we help?

Registered SLP Can:

  • provide assessments from children aged 2 years and up and provide treatment plans

  • support on how to carry out the treatment plans

  • training and presentations for staff

Consultant can provide:

  • treatment therapy

  • in class and small group activities on language including grammar, following directions, vocabulary, and reading skills including phonemic awareness.

  • provide all materials and resources you need!

  • on-site services- travel is included!

What is the difference between Speech and Language?


Language is made up of expressive and receptive language skills

  •  receptive - understanding what is being said to us. Trouble with this skill can result in difficulty following directions in the class.

  • expressive- can we accurately get our point across using correct grammar, etc. Trouble with this can result in children using incorrect grammar:

  • "I buyed that" instead of "I bought that".

  • "Me do it", instead "I want to do it."

  • "Him did it", instead of "he did it." 


Speech is having difficulty with sounds. Examples can be when a child says "wabbit" for "rabbit" or when their tongue pokes out between their teeth with the 's' sound.


When children have speech and/or language difficulties it can effect their:

  • success at school- trouble in class, reading, understanding and following  directions in the classroom, following routines, behavior problems can stem from not understanding directions, difficulty with socials skills- when other children don't understand them they may become isolated, etc.

  • success at home- understanding and following directions, behaviors, etc. 

  • self esteem!





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Creating Communicators now provides Occupational Therapy Services!​

What is Occupational Therapy?


Occupational therapists (OT) are rehabilitation professionals who work with clients of all ages in a wide range of settings including schools, hospitals, and in private homes.


Occupational therapists work with people who are having difficulty with functional activities and independence in their daily lives. For school age children this may include (but are not limited to):


- Motor skills (hand skills, printing, running, jumping)

- Self help skills (dressing, toileting, feeding)

- Play skills (sharing, turn taking, making friends)

- Classroom skills (sitting still, following routine, transition times)

- Sensory processing (over/under responsiveness)


If a student is having difficulties in any of the above areas an occupational therapist can complete an assessment and make recommendations to assist the child.

Above: Here I am providing group treatment activities to an after school group I hosted in Slave Lake. My name is Mindy Olson-Pizzey- Speech Language Consultant, and I am owner of Creating Communicators.

I have been working in the speech world for 14+ years and I love it! I work with Speech pathologists who assess and provide me with treatment plans & then I go into the school and act as a liason for the school. I also provide training and resources for aides and classroom activities and materials for teachers.

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