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School Programming

We offer many different programs that are tailored to meet the needs of your students,  your site, and your budget.

Speech and Language therapy can enhance their

  1. Pronunciation of sounds

  2. Reading skills

  3. Comprehension of what they have read

  4. Ability to follow directions in and out of the classroom

  5. comprehension of what has been said to them

  6. Social skills with peers


Full Services we provide speech and language screenings, assessments and treatment for your students that require speech therapy.

We also help train aides and assistants with hands on-modeling for current, evidence based practices.

Our services are inclusive meaning they target speech and language while targeting many occupational therapy goals such as pencil grasp, scissors and movement activities.


General Services some schools who are unable to afford assessment costs are now able to provide "general" language activities to their students.  In this program we target general areas of need and provide it to your entire caseload/school.

Call for more information.


Creating Communicators provides support to schools that is tailored for each site's needs.



Daycare & Preschool Locations

we can help give your child a head start so that they are ready for school and have reached all of the necessary milestones for speaking, reading and writing when they attend school!




We now provide speech language therapy online. Customized therapy  that fits your child's individual needs, check out our book online page?



Give us a call:

​Educational Funding

We can provide your child's school with the necessary reports so that they can apply and receive funding for your child at their school.


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